Gloria Coelho

In the 70s, Gloria Coelho attended to Berçot Studio in Paris. In 1974, returning to Brazil, the designer built the brand G, old name of her brand, which was renamed Gloria Coelho.

Since the beginning of her career, Gloria proves to be influenced by art and history, following the concept that has been with her throughout her career, with productions for sophisticated women and attentive to what happens in the world.

Gloria Coelho is married to Reinaldo Lourenço, her ex-assistant, who today is a renowned name in fashion, signing the brand that has his name. Their son, Pedro Lourenço, also released as stylist. In 1995 with a consolidated own designer label, Gloria launched a second brand, aimed at a young female audience: Carlota Joaquina, renamed Carlota Joakina by a numerological issue. Today, Gloria Coelho has many stores in Brazil and a showroom in Paris, also exports to several countries in Europe, USA, Canada, China, Lebanon and Kuwait. Carlota has its own stores and sells in more than a hundred Brazilian multibrands. A showroom in London takes care of the young designer label exports.
Her partnership with Altero resulted in a work that expresses the high creativity of the artist, with excellence in product development. Metals developed by the brand highlight Gloria 


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